Hi! I’m Mariana Flores, a freelance illustrator from Portugal. I’m very passionate about animals, books and imaginary worlds. My illustration work includes children books, fantasy artwork, art for comic books, videogames, board games and animation.  I’m available for hire and would love if you have a project.

E-mail: info@marianaflores.pt
Curriculum Vitae: PDF

Published books

Aqui d’El Rei, Booksmile (pt)
Primeiros Socorros,  Verso de Kapa (pt)
Tuck in Tango, by Cathy Sturgeon (en
Apocryphus, a comics anthology (pt)
Crossed Wires – The 10th Muse, TidalWave Comics (en)
Sou filho de pais separados, e agora? Chiado Editora (pt)

5 questions about…, TidalWave Comics
Videojogos, um clube que já não é só de rapazes, Delas